A&E Black and White Episodes

Saturday, January 24, 2004

A&E Black and White Episodes

We have reports that A&E will be issuing the black and white Roger Moore episodes on DVD this spring. The complete Megaset of the color episodes has been released already, and many fans have been waiting for the rest of the series. The A&E set will be different from the Australian sets. An A&E spokesperson writes, "Our version will differ from the Aussie version. The DVD will have the usual minimal features (photo gallery, text Bio) definitely not all the bells and whistles listed on the link from the Australian DVD. The set we are releasing is a 3-disc set containing the 12 B&W season 1 episodes, as compared to the 6 disc set in Australia."

The early black and white shows were based on the original Leslie Charteris stories, so they are consider by many to be even better than the color shows -- and we'll soon see for ourselves!

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