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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's a Library Thing...

Someone's just pointed me in the direction of www.librarything.com, which is a fascinating website that allows you to catalogue your books online.

A search on Leslie Charteris shows that 67 users own 441 books by Charteris, which is an average of 6.5 books per user.

It seems that the most popular title is The Saint in New York with The Saint: Good as Gold (one of those pesky American only anthologies) bringing up the rear.

There's a loads more interesting stats you can find off this site--I suspect you to have to keep in mind that this is a cross-section of users who've taken the time to enter their collection details on the web--but what made me smile was "16 members have the book in their library. There are 44,729 books more popular."

44 729 books more popular? How can that be?!!!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Baron on British DVD

The Baron Complete DVD SetFor fans of The Saint, starring Roger Moore, who are looking for very similar TV shows to watch, check out The Baron! The Baron was written by John Creasey, and is a gentleman thief with a strong morale code just like Simon Templar. The TV show was produced by the same company as the Roger Moore series, at the same time, in the same studio, and stars many of the same actors and actresses!

This TV show is a little different than Creasey's Barron books, in that John Mannering, alias The Baron, is an American cattle baron who runs an antique store and sometimes helps out the British Secret Service -- just to make him for respectable for the 1960's television audience.

The Baron Complete DVD Set is now available and highly recommended!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Moore Says Son May Take On Saintly Halo

Geoffrey Moore the next Simon Templar?From the DAILY EXPRESS, September 15, 2006

Moore Says Son May Take On Saintly Halo

Having been unsuccessfully touted for the part of 007 by his father, it seems Roger Moore's son Geoffrey, right, is set to reprise another of his dad's top roles.

Restaurateur Geoffrey, 40, who was championed by his old man as the "ideal" successor to Pierce Brosnan before Daniel Craig landed the part, has bought the rights to cult TV series The Saint, in which his father played Simon Templar in the Sixties.

It is understood that Moore junior, who did some minor acting part in his youth, could take on the guise of Templar in the future.

Roger, 78, who has long insisted his son is "much more talented" than himself, says: "The rights have been optioned by various companies and are now with Geoffrey and his business partner. Watch this space."

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Bad Case of the Measle

Within the last week, Return of the Saint star, Ian Ogilvy has had two books published: Measle and the Slithergoul is now out in the UK from Oxford University Press, and in the US today sees the publication of Measle and the Dragodon in paperback by HarperTrophy.

Synopsis: Measle and the Slithergoul
A blob of slime has broken out of the prison in which it has been kept for years. As it slithers in escape, it slurps up everything in its path. Nothing is safe. Especially not Measle Stubbs. For, the slippery stomach has gobbled up a gaggle of wrathmonks, and in doing so has ingested their dislike of Measle. Now the blob is after him. And nothing can stop it. Not Iggy Niggle. Not Nanny Flannel. Not Tinker the dog. But it has enjoyed eating them...Can Measle gulp down his fear and beat the Slitherghoul...before the Slitherghoul gulps him down?

Synopsis: Measle and the Dragodon
This is the second exciting adventure story about Measle, following on from "Measle and the Wrathmonk". In this story Measle is up against not one Wrathmonk, but a whole gang of them. Measle and his dog, Tinker, also have to outwit numerous fairground creatures which come alive in a most alarming way, and the evil Dragodon and his dragon, Arcturion. Will Measle be in time to save his mum from the Dragodon's evil clutches? Can he triumph once again? The high-profile author - Ian Ogilvy is an actor best-known for his takeover of the role of the Saint from Roger Moore. It contains quirky black and white illustrations by Chris Mould that bring the story vividly to life.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Saint vs. The Mythbusters

In the recent season of the Mythbusters (season 3) there were two shows that featured some very familiar scenarios to fans of The Saint. In “Crimes and Myth-Demeanors part 1” the team busted all of the following movie myths while dressed in Val Kilmer black suits. Climbing through air ducts using magnets and suction cups; revealing laser alarms with powder; using Nightvision goggles to reveal laser alarms as in The Fiction-Makers; using another laser to point at the laser receiver; cutting and punching a perfect hole in glass a la Roger Moore; pressure sensor; and various Templar’ish safe-cracking techniques. The only myth that was plausible was a climbing up the outside of a 23-story building.

Episode 54: Crimes and Myth-Demeanors 1
The MythBusters put great movie heists to the test. Are Hollywood break-ins complete hocus pocus, or can you really crack the tightest security systems in the world with nothing more than tight-fitting black clothes and a great soundtrack? Adam and Jamie, with the help of a "surreptitious entry handbook," attempt to scale an air duct with hilarious results. The team then tries to tiptoe their way around a laser system before facing the mother of all safes.
Premiere: July 12, 2006

Episode 59: Crimes and Myth-Demeanors 2
It's "lights, camera, action!" time again for the MythBusters, as they test more Hollywood heists. This time, our cat burglars Adam and Jamie go cold as they try to beat a heat-detecting alarm sensor. Then it's on to motion-detector alarms. They also attempt to crack a door guarded by fingerprint technology, and face a monster safe that can only be opened by — you guessed it — an underwater explosion.
Premiere: Aug. 23, 2006

More details can be found on the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters site.

While season 3 is not available on DVD yet, there are a number of other Mythbusters items available on Amazon, including books, DVD's, and t-shirts.

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The Saint in Wikipedia

WikipediaWikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It has grown over the years to be the largest encyclopedia in the world, and there are a few entries on Wikipedia devoted to The Saint and Leslie Charteris.

Here are a few highlights from The Saint Category on Wikipedia:

As Wikipedia is available for anyone to add to, edit, or correct, please check out these references and do just that!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Saint on Australian DVD

Good news for Australian Saint fans - the Network dvds will soon be available for less than half price!

JB HiFi stores will have the boxsets for $49.98 from the beginning of October. See your store or their website for more details.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Saintly Pound Note

Many years ago Leslie Charteris signed a British pound note and donated it to a charity auction. I've now been asked to auction it--again for charity.

I expect to actually see the item in the next couple of weeks and will make a scan available to anyone interested but please consider this a warning, dust off your chequebooks (or checkbooks, we're not fussy!) and get ready to bid for what is a unique item of merchandise.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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By clicking on one of the buttons below you can get The Saint's Blog added to your My Yahoo page, your Personalized Google Page, or your MSN Home Page. This way, you'll never miss any of the latest Saint news!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Saint in French

The Saint in FrenchJean-Marc Lofficier had done an incredible job on his website devoted to The Saint in French and has recently updated the site with even more great information.

He has information about The Saint on French Radio and an interesting insight into the details of the English to French Translations.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vote for this site on Starpages!

Vote for saint.org on StarpagesYou can cast your vote for this site on Starpages as one of the best sites devoted to Roger Moore. I certainly don't think we'll catch up with James Wilson's The Roger Moore Years site; I just hope to make it to number 3 on the list, right behind Roger's official site! Cheers!

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Bulldog Drummond

I was watching Deadlier Than The Male today and it struck me that this very well could have been a Saint movie in the 1960's with Roger Moore. It was filmed at Pinewood studios during the same time period, and has that distinct feel. It also features a Volvo 1800 hiding in the background of two different scenes.

Bulldog Drummond was written by Sapper around the same time that Charteris started up The Saint. He is very much in the same genre, and is part of my suggested reading list for fans of The Saint.

Amazon USA and Amazon UK both carry extensive collections of Bulldog Drummond books, tapes, posters, and DVDs.

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Young Simon Templar

Here's a thought...my eldest son has recently discovered both Young James Bond and Alex Rider (he's only 7, so I'll give him a year or two before I let him discover the Saint).

Of course, I couldn't miss the opportunity to read the books either and they got me thinking. The Bond books in particular are rather splendidly written; Charlie Higson has done a superb job of taking Fleming's character to Eton and shows an excellent understanding of how to put together a Bond story.

Would a Young Simon Templar work?

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The Saint in the Blogsphere

Here are some links to a few other blogs that have interesting news and commentary about The Saint and Leslie Charteris.

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The Saint on Old-Time Radio

It has been a long time in coming, and the new The Saint Radio Episodes Guide has finally been posted to this site. I have had this material in my manuscript for over 12 years, and it is finally time to make it public.

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The Saint on British DVD

And of course you mustn't forget the UK DVD releases--the black and white episodes of the Roger Moore series are due this month, with other shows liable to appear next year--both of which include documentaries on the making of the shows.

Monochrome DVD Set

Colour DVD Set

Network DVD, the makers of the new Saint DVD's have a very fine site for their Saint collection that features many snippits and a complete listing of what is on the DVD's.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Saint Projects in 2007

Well, there may be all sorts of new SAINT stuff in 2007 -- rumor has it that a big shot TV producer, currently helming one of the the highest rated shows in the history of the UK, may be launching a new SAINT television project. Burl Barer, Brilliant Author, intends penning more SAINT novels if publishing arrangements are finalized.
In the meantime, I know Burl is researching a new true-crime book with the working title, MOM SAID KILL.

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The Saint's 1967 Volvo

Bill Krzastek is the proud owner of a 1967 Volvo 1800S that was used in The Saint TV series with Roger Moore. He has posted a number of pictures of it, and it is beautiful. Fully restored, it does indeed look like a giant-size Corgi Saint Volvo -- he just needs to build a giant Corgi box to put next to it! The story and pictures he has posted are great to see.

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OzSaint Website is no more

Ian of OzSaint reports:
Due to changing circumstances, the website for OzSaint: The Saint Club in Australia has been taken down and is not expected to return, at least in its current form. There is some chance that it may be resurrected in a different form later in 2006.

Ian and Vince would like to thank the Saintly community for visiting and for its support.

As always, whether you're in Australia or elsewhere...

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