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A Bad Case of the Measle

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Bad Case of the Measle

Within the last week, Return of the Saint star, Ian Ogilvy has had two books published: Measle and the Slithergoul is now out in the UK from Oxford University Press, and in the US today sees the publication of Measle and the Dragodon in paperback by HarperTrophy.

Synopsis: Measle and the Slithergoul
A blob of slime has broken out of the prison in which it has been kept for years. As it slithers in escape, it slurps up everything in its path. Nothing is safe. Especially not Measle Stubbs. For, the slippery stomach has gobbled up a gaggle of wrathmonks, and in doing so has ingested their dislike of Measle. Now the blob is after him. And nothing can stop it. Not Iggy Niggle. Not Nanny Flannel. Not Tinker the dog. But it has enjoyed eating them...Can Measle gulp down his fear and beat the Slitherghoul...before the Slitherghoul gulps him down?

Synopsis: Measle and the Dragodon
This is the second exciting adventure story about Measle, following on from "Measle and the Wrathmonk". In this story Measle is up against not one Wrathmonk, but a whole gang of them. Measle and his dog, Tinker, also have to outwit numerous fairground creatures which come alive in a most alarming way, and the evil Dragodon and his dragon, Arcturion. Will Measle be in time to save his mum from the Dragodon's evil clutches? Can he triumph once again? The high-profile author - Ian Ogilvy is an actor best-known for his takeover of the role of the Saint from Roger Moore. It contains quirky black and white illustrations by Chris Mould that bring the story vividly to life.

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