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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ogilvy's New Book and Movie Deal

Measles and The Wrathmonk by Ian OgilvyIan Ogilvy, star of Return of The Saint, will publish his first children's book on June 3rd in the UK, and in August in the USA.

Measle and the Wrathmonk is a fantastic adventure story of magic, trains and Manolo Blahniks. Ian Ogilvy, with his first children's novel has created a rich world where nothing is quite what it seems. You'll never look at glazed doughnuts and lemonade in the same way again.

The original idea for Measle and The Wrathmonk came from an incident many years ago, when Ian visited a film director's house in London: "Apart from making very good films, this director was also a serious model train hobbyist. He had built an extraordinary train set in one of his spare rooms. The tracks were laid on shelves that ran around the walls of the room and the scenery was built up almost to the ceiling. The train set bore very close inspection - if you looked really carefully, you might spot along the tracks the tiny figure of an old fashioned, black-skirted, bonneted nursemaid, pushing a Victorian perambulator towards a sharp bend in the path. On the other side of the bend - and out of her view - sat a Bengal tiger (There's a Bengal tiger - or at least a model of one - in Measle and The Wrathmonk). The whole layout was like this and the trains themselves took a secondary place in the scheme of things. There was a boundless imagination - and a distinctly quirky humour - about the set up and it set me thinking about the idea of a live boy being placed somehow in a miniature world of somebody else's imagination."

The second title in the proposed three-volume series, "Measle and the Dragodon," has just been completed and is due out in the fall. Ian is currently hard at work writing the third book, "Measle and the Mallockee."

Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers and Warner Brothers has purchased the rights to the entire three-volume series, and plan to use the same "performance capture" animation that they used in the forthcoming movie, "The Polar Express"

You can order all three of these books today from Amazon UK:
  • Measle and the Wrathmonk
  • Measle and the Dragodon
  • Measle and the Mallockee

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  • Monday, May 17, 2004

    British Black and White Series 1 DVD Set

    British DVD Set Season 1The first 39 black and white episodes from the Roger Moore Saint TV series are being released in the UK today. This 10-disc DVD set is also in region two format, like the recent French editions.
    Order today from Amazon UK!

    This set contains all the episodes from the 1962 season:
  • The Talented Husband
  • The Latin Touch
  • The Careful Terrorist
  • The Covetous Headsman
  • The Loaded Tourist
  • The Pearls of Peace
  • The Arrow of God
  • The Element of Doubt
  • The Effete Angler
  • The Golden Journey
  • The Man Who Was Lucky
  • The Charitable Countess
  • The Fellow Traveller
  • Starring the Saint
  • Judith
  • Teresa
  • The Elusive Ellshaw
  • Marcia
  • The Work of Art
  • Iris
  • The King of the Beggars
  • The Rough Diamonds
  • The Saint Plays with Fire
  • The Well-Meaning Mayor
  • The Sporting Chance
  • The Bunco Artists
  • The Benevolent Burglary
  • The Wonderful War
  • The Noble Sportsman
  • The Romantic Matron
  • Luella
  • The Lawless Lady
  • The Good Medicine
  • The Invisible Millionaire
  • The High Fence
  • Sophia
  • The Gentle Ladies
  • The Ever-Loving Spouse
  • The Saint Sees It Through

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  • Sunday, May 16, 2004

    Roger Moore Photos for Sale

    www.posters.co.uk has a number of photographs of Roger Moore available to purchase from their website. If you are interested, you can view some samples here. As an added bonus, you can send any of them as free e-cards from their site.

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    Saturday, May 15, 2004

    French DVD Sets

    TFI Video in France is releasing the Carlton DVD sets in French. The first three seasons were released in February, and the next two will be released in June. These region two DVD's are in both English and French languages, and can be ordered from Amazon.fr by clicking on any of the following cover artwork images:
    French DVD Set Season 1French DVD Set Season 2French DVD Set Season 3French DVD Set Season 4French DVD Set Season 5

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