The Saint in Movies and Films

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Saint in Movies and Films

From Louis Hayward, to George Sanders, to Hugh Sinclair, to Felix Marten, to Jean Marais, along to Roger Moore, then Ian Ogilvy, and finally on to Val Kilmer, The Saint has appeared in a large number of movies. In fact Simon Templar, alias The Saint, by Leslie Charteris was recently named the #2 spy movie hero of all-time, just behind James Bond.

The page on this site about The Saint in movies and films has been updated to include a large number of movie posters.

If you know of any other versions of the movie posters, especially if you have any in your own private collection, we'd be very interesting in seeing them.

A couple of these posters are available in reprint form from the moviegoods.com website.

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